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35,00 € FİYAT+KDV+IM*(48,30 €)

1 - 4 Adet 35,00 €  FİYAT+KDV+IM*(48,30 €)
5 - 50 Adet 35,00 €  FİYAT+KDV+IM*(48,30 €)

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Colour psychology put into practice
Would you like to test the feel-good effect from the colour psychology book, “Colours for Body, Mind & Soul”, for yourself? A colour fan deck with 120 colours from the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM helps you to develop colour concepts and mood boards, because depending on the choice of colour, colours can generate energy or create a relaxing atmosphere. What do colours mean to you? See for yourself!

  • 1The 120 shades in the form of removable colour chips